Business Internet Leased Line Benefits Over a Broadband Connection

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Business Internet Leased Line ?

Many people are unaware of what leased line connection is…

Whether leased line is beneficial for home and offices or not ?

Don’t worry, In this article. we are covering some of the key benefits of leased line connection.

Internet, now-a-days, is a necessity. Be it in business or at home, it’s needed everywhere.


When you look for an Internet solution, the first thought that comes to your mind is Broadband. There are a lot of broadband packages-with unlimited speed, fiber broadband, business leased line or traditional broadband.

But what is the solution that meets your need effectively without having to doubt your internet connection every two days?

Three words might be of help here for anyone looking for a new internet connection for offices – Business leased line connection. The very first thing you will notice about internet leased line connection is its hefty price tag! But once you hear its advantages, it might be well justified to you.


There is a difference in how broadband and leased lines connect to your business premises.  It’s in how they reach you. Although still done through a cable, but broad band’s circuit is shared. It is split between lots of local premises. Whereas a business leased line will only cater to you i.e. a circuit without splitting. This is the major difference between an enterprise broadband connection and a business leased line.

A leased line provides internet uninterrupted to you.

Think of it like this. You order a pizza for yourself and thought of enjoying it all by yourself. But then your three friends drop over uninvited. Now out of the eight slices, you only get two! This is exactly what broadband connection is.


Now when there is an enterprise broadband connection, you are always fighting for the speed available. Even if the speed is 76 Mbps, your connection will still depend on the number of people using that connection.

You might think, I have a new Broadband connection and unlimited downloads but realistically when it will be needed the most, you might only get a couple of mbps according to everyone’s use!

This is where Internet Leased Line Connection is your savior. It is a dedicated server to only your premises. It’s like throwing you a private pizza party without any hindrance!

Leased lines also provide a wider choice of bandwidth selection which means you can select the speed at which you want and you will have the same. Whereas, Broadband doesn’t give that liberty.

Service Level agreements

When you are working in a business setting, you make sure you don’t have a lousy connection. If your work is primarily done with the help of Internet, then you might have a difficulty when your internet goes down.

What is the first thing that you do when that happens! Complain to the service provider.

When you have a broadband, this situation is somewhat tedious. Some people don’t read SLAs properly which means surprises at the moment when the problem occurs. A broadband can take up to 4 days to be fixed in comparison to leased lines which can be fixed within 4 hours!

The Best leased line providers have a strict fixation policy. They are faster and better.

Though Broadband connections can be replaced faster but the real investment is a leased line. The differences stated above may actually help you to consider it especially for business purposes.

So go for uncompromising and abundant amount of internet at unimaginable speed and choose “Linkcue” and Get a leased line!


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