Can ISPs See What Sites i am Browsing

Can Internet Service Providers See What Sites We Are Browsing


Previous to the Internet service providers (ISPs) were introduced to the market, there has been limited access to the internet. Internet was confined to the people who had the affiliation to a participating university or government agency had the privilege.


ISPs Makes It Possible


In today’s technical world, we are surrounded by the devices which use the internet.

Who provides internet?

The Internet service providers (ISPs) are a type of services that provide the capability to access the internet. Internet service providers or ISP are of different types comprising commercial, community-owned and privately owned etc.

There are numerous ways from which you can connect to the internet, but it depends whether it is accessible in your area. It is essential to cautiously select the type of Internet service that these companies offer.

At present, most ISP’s use dial-up or DSL, cable television line or satellite connection to access the internet. It is not long ago when the internet services started. It was only in the late 90’s when the tangible number of Internet service providers came into picture.

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Most of the Internet service providers back then were small companies that made a contract for internet services from larger ISP companies to offer their services to clients and businesses.

AOL became the foremost provider for ISPs around the world. At approximately the same time, numerous state-owned ISP’s in Asia entered the trade.

The dial-up Internet service provider AOL had its breakdown when customers shifted to broadband service for faster internet connection. But, the love of the internet users is ever increasing since the birth of internet.


Can ISPs See What You Browsing


 can anybody see what you are browsing


It is a much talked question that whether the Internet Service Providers (ISP) actually sees when you’re browsing and downloading content or it is just your doubt.

Can Someone See What Websites I Visit on Their WiFi?
Does anyone know when you’re making an online purchase?
Is it possible to see what you’re buying from the internet?
Are your web-based email service like, Yahoo! or Gmail are secures as you think?
Is it possible for ISPs to know that what you’re typing or who you’re corresponding with?
If I use Someone’s WiFi, Can They See My Browsing History?

These are genuine questions often asked by the users. We are sharing this blog to shed some light on the subject by debunking myths and clarifying what’s happening behind the scenes with an ISPs.

We all fear if our Internet Service Providers watching us. This blog will help you to find the answer of your questions.


Why You Should Care




Main question here is, Why does it matter?.

What if government using ISP information to catch a criminal activities or knock down terrorism?

Isn’t it a good thing?

But if you are living under radar of repressive government, then even a simple innocent online activity is also dangerous.

So take a breath, consider everything about ISPs could possibly know about you.


Answer to This Dilemma


Sadly, there isn’t a solid answer to this question, but you can rest assure that almost all ISPs track the IP addresses their customer’s contact, which means that they know the websites that their customers are surfing.

It is true that ISPs collects metadata, ports and IPs and possess capabilities that enable them to drill down on content their clients are visiting on the internet.


Final Words


If you doing something which is deserves to be punish then you should fear about it. You cant get away with this.

Privacy can be a powerful tool, but everyone’s privacy is put in danger by those who misuse it.

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