Internet Archive's Wayback Machine blocked in India

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine blocked by several service providers in India Report

In India, Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is the oldest web history archive sites. It has been blocked now by different service providers and telecom operators present in the India.

This news got broken when most of the users start complaining on the twitter and start getting a note that the site is blocked in direction of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.


The reason behind this was found that two Bollywood movies production companies who were issuing a mass takedown request against the websites. This happens because of hosting the pirated copies of the movies.

In general, the Wayback is considered as the far-fetched tool and ideal for the internet archive with 302 billion pages that are saved for past two decades. It seems that even the blocking is not even complete; some parts are blocked while the rest of them are still working.

According to the numerous reports, the people are not able to get the access to it. This situation is generally disappointed and creates a concerned situation. Due to this, the people become very eager to understand the reason behind this blocking and look out for the access required for restoring to

Due to the whole process, the Government is held responsible for the not working of the Internet Archive. But, the reason is still unknown. According to the Redditors, government is not fully responsible for the backing off on its words.

One of the users said that that this blocking of Wayback Machine is generally done because it shows how the politicians have changed their inspections related to the Aadhaar and different policies. In certain networks like Jio, BSNL and Airtel, the internet services remain blocked. It shows that the blocking is generally done depending on the customer’s location and internet service provider.

In the current situation, there are no reasons find behind the blocking of the site. Most of the users are disappointed by this situation. As per the India’s Information Technology Act, the Central Government officers have the power to request for ISP restrictions on the numerous sites. This condition can violate the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Therefore, it can cause the social media’s blockage. The internet archive is generally considered as the benevolent site for most of the part. In general, it comprised of historical documents related to the internet along with resourceful material.

The services are required for the maintenance of the reference points for deleted websites and broken hyperlinks. Also, there is an anti-authority that is involved in the group’s mission intended for scrubbing out the unwanted information from the web.

Normally, the website is regarded as the only way for getting the access of the published documents and now is managed by Unique Identification Authority of India. Thereof, it is totally responsible for the implementation and building of Aadhaar citizen ID program.

The overall fact behind the government doesn’t inform the general public is a result of the frustration of the public. But, the good news is that Wayback Machine can be accessed now by using the safe links or the URL.


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